The individual programs that embody the Roots to Success Summer Program are put in place to expand participants’ knowledge and experience. Our program is designed to incorporate multiple facets of a well rounded education, and supplement the knowledge our children receive in school. The programming is focused on providing physical activity, engaging academic instruction, and arts education. Additionally, it is designed to incorporate health, nutrition, and environmental awareness, as well as civic engagement and community responsibility. There will also be daily opportunities for participants to receive academic remediation, tutoring, and life/job skills training.

Arts & Crafts – Within the arts and crafts program we will tie in cultural, scientific, social studies related, and eco-friendly projects throughout the six weeks.

Health – Our health program will focus on multiple aspects of good health and well being including: nutrition/healthy eating, physical activity, disease awareness, and stress management.

Let’s Talk it Out – This class focuses on conflict resolution and strategies for dealing with negative situations.

Computer Knowledge – Campers will become more proficient in typing, Microsoft Office programs, essay formatting, letter writing, and different internet tools. Additionally they may learn to design and edit websites.

Our Earth, Our Home – This program is to target our Going Green projects. Here we will collaborate with other community non-profits to teach ‘How to go green, how it affects the Earth, and what benefits we all can gain from going green.’ This program is especially significant and timely given the serious danger that our costal wild life currently faces.

New Orleans Culture – Campers will learn the history of Cajun and Creole culture, Jazz, and about traditions such as second lines, Mardi Gras Indians and Gumbo.

Girl Talk – This class is designed as an open environment for girls to discuss their questions regarding female health and sexual well being, and the problems or struggles they are facing with their gender. Topics to be discussed include dealing with discrimination and how to remedy gender inequality.

Choppin’ it up – This class is designed as an open environment for boys to learn and discuss male health issues and sexual well being. Additionally topics such as discrimination and peer pressure will be addressed.

Think Big – This will allow our 6 to 9 year olds to develop entrepreneurial skills

My mini business – This class will teach our 10 – 16 year olds about owning their own businesses.

Spoken Word – Campers will learn the art and flow of writing and performing poetry and spoken word, in all forms.

Fixin’ in the Kitchen– Campers will learn to prepare their own healthy meals.

College Prep –This course will help pre-teens and teenagers get college ready. We will link them to resources and develop personalized plans about what they need to do to get to the college of their choice.

Yoga – This program will target the origins of yoga, its many different styles, and how specific movement can be used in holistic healing. This will also include Pilates, and other alternative exercises. The Roots of Success yoga program will help change the way campers think about exercise.

Step Class – This will be a mixture of drill-team step, and traditional step-team step.

Field Training – We understand the importance of recreation and physical activity and campers will practice calisthenics, running, cutting, quickness drills, foot work, hand eye coordination, power training drills. These techniques will help keep campers healthy while developing and fine tuning their athleticism.

African Dance – Students will be introduced to a new African Dance each week and will be taught the art and meaning of their movements.

Martial Arts – This program will be taught by local professionals and incorporate kick boxing, basic boxing, Tae Bo, and self defense.

Hip Hop Culture – This program will explore the history, significance, and culture of hip hop from modern day to its roots in other musical styles.

Crib to Prison Breakdown – Campers will learn the reality of prison life and what the consequences of their actions can mean for their future.

Free Time – Half of free time will be spent working on small group or one-on-one mentoring and remediation, the other half will allow campers to pursue various activities.

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